Leader of the Council, Jonathan Lester, today publicly announced which Councillors have been appointed to his Cabinet to provide clear and effective leadership at the top of Herefordshire Council.

The Leader and Cabinet will be focused on delivering for residents right across Herefordshire with balancing the budget, addressing the problem of potholes, the bypass and improvements in Children’s Services being amongst the top priorities for the months ahead.

Speaking after the announcement Cllr Lester said: 

“I am delighted to have been able to appoint a Cabinet of talented and experienced individuals who I know will rise to the challenges ahead and provide the decisive leadership Herefordshire so desperately needs.

“I am particularly glad to be welcoming Ivan Powell, of the True Independents, to the role of Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and I can think of no better person to be tasked with driving forward the much needed improvement programme over the months ahead.

“Ivan’s appointment shows that where necessary the Conservative group will put party politics aside in the interests of what is best for Herefordshire and its residents.”

In a departure from the last four years the new Cabinet also sees a shake up to the roles and responsibilities of some Cabinet positions including the following: 

• The Environment and Economy portfolio has been split into two separate roles to reflect the strategic importance of both to the county and give each area the proper attention it deserves. The Economy portfolio will be coupled with Growth to drive economic development and regeneration right across Herefordshire. Whilst the Environment portfolio will include responsibility for Planning Services and cleaning up Herefordshire’s rivers. 

• A Cabinet Member for Roads has been appointed for the first time in four years to provide greater oversight in this crucial area and start delivering on our commitment to improve the state of Herefordshire’s roads. 

• Responsibility for strategic housing will be moved under the Economy & Growth portfolio. 

• The Children and Families portfolio will be renamed Children’s Services but retain the core responsibilities of previous years including education and services for vulnerable young people/ children / families. 

Cabinet Appointees: 

Leader of The Council (incl  Corporate Strategy & Budget) – Jonathan Lester 

Deputy Leader of The Council & Cabinet Member for Environment – Elissa Swinglehurst

Cabinet Member for Finance & Corporate Services – Peter Stoddart 

Cabinet Member for Roads & Regulatory Services – Barry Durkin 

Cabinet Member for Economy & Growth – Graham Biggs 

Cabinet Member for Children’s Services – Ivan Powell 

Cabinet Member for Adults, Health & Wellbeing – Carol Gandy 

Cabinet Member for Transport & Infrastructure – Phillip Price 

Cabinet Member for Community Services & Assets – Harry Bramer

Cabinet Support to Leader & Deputy Leader – Nick Mason 

Cabinet Support to Leader & Deputy Leader – Dan Hurcomb