Flood barriers are being put in place in Hereford today with the Environment Agency warning that levels on the Wye in Hereford could reach 5.7 metres at Old Bridge.

If river levels reach 5.7 metres, it will see the Wye at similar levels to October 2019, when the Wye reached record levels, only for it to be beaten again in February 2020 when the River Wye reached a level of 6.1 metres at Old Bridge.

Flood Information Service guidance says:

River levels are rising at the Hay-On-Wye river gauge as a result of heavy rainfall. Consequently, the risk of flooding remains. We expect flooding to affect low lying land and roads along the River Wye from Hay on Wye to Ross on Wye. Other locations that may be affected include the A438, Byford, Bredwardine and Hereford. Predicted peaks:- Hay on Wye 3.8m to 4.2m Saturday morning, 19/12/2020, Bredwardine 6.2m to 6.7m Saturday morning 19/12/2020, Belmont 6.2m to 6.7m Saturday afternoon 19/12/2020, Old Wye Bridge 5.4m to 5.7m Saturday afternoon 19/12/2020, Mordiford 5.5m to 6.0m Saturday afternoon 19/12/2020, and Ross on Wye 5.2m to 5.8m Saturday afternoon 19/12/2020. Further heavy rainfall is forecast today and this is expected to increase levels further. The flood barriers in Hereford are being deployed today. We are closely monitoring the situation. This message will be updated by 17:00 on 18/12/2020, or as the situation changes.