We’ve had a lot of concerned messages from members of the public regarding a new kind of littering across the county. More harmful than the usual bottles and crisp packets, discarded PPE in the form of gloves and masks also carries added #COVID19 infection risk.

We’ve worked alongside local groups, and Herefordshire Council, to put together some advice on what to do with your used PPE.

???? Take disposable PPE home and place into a bag along with any other personal waste (such as tissues and cleaning cloths) before placing them in your black wheelie bin.
???? Remember to wash your hands before putting your waste out and after. (if you are self-isolating the waste should be double bagged and stored for 72 hours before being put in the bin and presented for collection.)
???? If you aren’t able to take your rubbish home, please take the gloves off inside out and place in a public litter bin, inside a bag if possible.

Please help us keep the streets clean and each other safe.