Can you believe it’s been 14 years since the first Incredibles movie? 14. But here we finally are, as one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of all time has finally arrived: Incredibles 2.

The first movie is a classic, not just in animation but also within the superhero genre too. It was the Fantastic Four movie we all deserved and gave us a hugely relatable and likeable family to root for. Ever since its release, the world has demanded a sequel and it’s quite frankly absurd it has taken this long, but we finally have the Parr family back on the big screen for a new adventure, and wow, was it worth the wait. Pixar had to get this one right, the pressure was on for them to match this ridiculous anticipation and yet somehow it does the unthinkable… speeding passed our huge expectations faster than Dash in a 100m sprint. From the opening scene, this film means business and just never stops delivering an incredibly entertaining film which all the family will fall in love with.

Taking place moments after the first movie, Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) takes centre stage as she undertakes numerous missions in order to try and legalise superheroes again whilst Mr Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) has to stay at home and look after the children.

Although the original took time to develop the entire family, it was still very much a movie where Mr Incredible was front and centre, so it was a smart move from Pixar and Writer/ Director Brad Bird (returning after also helming the original) to switch things up. This is truly an Elastigirl movie, and she is more than up to the task. Voiced wonderfully by the always great Holly Hunter, Elastigirl makes for a really great lead, shining in some outrageously creative actions scenes but never gets egotistical or selfish in her new position and stays true to the brilliant mother that she is.

However, this isn’t just the Elastigirl show, it is also this very touching and elegantly told story about family. Watching Bob let his wife take the spotlight of superhero fame, taking over the reins of stay at home parent was really sweet and what unfolds is charming, magnificent and absolutely hilarious.

Every member of the family has plenty of time to shine, each having numerous moments to show off their powers or indulge the audience with lots of humour. Violet and Dash particularly step up, as does Jack-Jack, easily the character you will leave the cinema talking about the most. Forget Thanos vs Hulk in Infinity War, here we have Jack-Jack vs a Raccoon in a fight for the ages.

The voice work across the board is all fantastic, with a special mention going to Catherine Keener and Breaking Bad duo Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks, who join the stellar cast and are welcome additions. Banks stepped in to replace Bud Luckey as Agent Rick Decker, following the untimely death of Luckey earlier this year.

On villain duty this time is The Screenslaver, who I really enjoyed and loved the mystery around him but sadly doesn’t come close to matching the previous film’s far more interesting antagonist, Syndrome. Screenslaver lacks the motives and complexity which made Syndrome so enthralling and a third act reveal falls flat and is totally predictable.

But what surprised me was just how gorgeous the animation is. This is another milestone in the Pixar history books, with every character, suit and landscape beautifully realised and immaculately designed. It’s so elegant and dazzling, that I actually feel like Pixar waited 14 years on purpose, ensuring this sequel could be delivered in the finest animation I have ever seen on the big screen. The action throughout is also superb, Brad Bird again provides some beautifully judged set pieces including a breath-taking train sequence and a scene at the screenslaver’s apartment which will have you on the edge of your seat!

Tense yet touching, bold yet beautiful, I just hope we don’t have to wait another 14 years for Incredibles 3.

Verdict: Combining family drama and superhero action with wonderful precision, this much anticipated sequel is well worth the wait. Despite my wishes for a more developed villain, this is still one of the best superhero sequels ever made and another classic in the Pixar collection.
Best Moment: The opening scene is perfect.
Rating: 9/10

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