Families, music fans and curious minds are invited to join the music department of Hereford Cathedral for its special Guide to the Cathedral Organs event.

Hereford Cathedral is famous worldwide for its Father Willis organ which sits proudly in the nave of the cathedral, but not many people know that it is also home to two more organs.

In this event, Geraint Bowen (director of music), Peter Dyke (assistant director of music) and Jacob Costard (organ scholar) will demonstrate all three of these instruments both together and individually.

This event will include a fun, family friendly introduction to how an organ works, which even includes a special rendition of the Trumpet Voluntary by Geraint using a hosepipe and funnel.

Members of the music department will be available following the event to answer any questions.

Geraint Bowen, director of music at Hereford Cathedral said, “We are fortunate in Hereford to be blessed with the fantastic Father Willis organ which people travel from across the world to listen to and perform on. But whilst this fabulous instrument is so well known, not many people get the opportunity to have an explanation of how it works.

“If you have ever walked through the cathedral and wondered where the music comes from, why there are so many pipes or why the organist uses their feet and hands, then Guide to the Cathedral Organs is the event for you!” 

Guide to the Organs takes place on Saturday 27 April at 11.30am and is free to attend. It is a seated concert which will last approximately 45 minutes and, whilst younger children are very welcome, it is most suitable for children aged 6 and above. Please be aware that parts of this event may be quite loud so if your child is particularly sensitive to noise, we would recommend bringing ear defenders.