Producer Lindsay McGlone is creating a new burlesque show in Hereford called ‘Reclaimed’ and says that it’s time Hereford caught up with inclusion and diversity. Lindsay is bringing a whole host of performers to Hereford this March including Hereford born international, award winning Lou Safire.

When speaking to Lou they said ‘Hereford is moving forward fast and with this so should the entertainment and variety of night life. Bringing burlesque back to Hereford, will not only give another side of entertainment, but also raise awareness of body positivity for all shapes and sizes for the people right on their doorstep’.

Lindsay says her show will offer a space for individuals to be unapologetically themselves, ‘I can’t wait to bring burlesque back to Hereford, burlesque doesn’t just make great entertainment but allows an audience to explore gender, sexuality and body positivity in a space they know is safe. There’s already great events in Hereford that promote this such as FemmeboyClub and Queer sister and I’m hoping my show will be another asset to Hereford’

Reclaimed will be held on the 19th of March at the Richmond Place Club you can Grab tickets here – Lindsay McGlone presents Reclaimed. at Richmond Club event tickets from TicketSource