New website makes it easier to find information about Herefordshire’s people and places

Finding key facts and figures about Herefordshire is now a lot easier following the launch of the ‘Understanding Herefordshire’ website.

The new Herefordshire Council maintained website provides information about the county and its people and places. It includes information on the factors that affect health and well-being, such as population numbers, lifestyle choices, housing, the economy and the environment.

As well as making it easier to find fact and figures about a topic or place, the site offers a number of new features, including a ‘quick facts’ function and ‘latest news’ pages. It also has an interactive map where you can download ‘area profiles’ providing local level statistics for Herefordshire.

The data held on the site is useful for anyone needing to complete funding bids, business plans, strategies and school projects.

The new site replaces the old ‘Facts and Figures about Herefordshire’ website.

To view the ‘Understanding Herefordshire’ website visit