Hereford City Life Announce Line up for Xmas Entertainment in City

A ‘Christmas Spectacular’ of world class walkabout performers, live bands and the ‘Hereford Gift Card Golden Ticket Treasure Hunt’ are just some of the exciting plans lined up for Hereford this December, promises Mike Truelove, Chief Executive for Hereford City Life, a brand created by the Hereford Business Improvement District (Hereford BID) to promote Hereford. Mike added “following last years’ difficult Christmas, Hereford BID has worked closely with the City Council to put on wow factor entertainment around the city that will include acts such as iGlobot – a giant walking robot that children will love, Nanook the wondering Polar Bear with his special friend, Xania the Ice Fairy, or Mysterian, the famous street magician. In combination with a program of live music, free parking on late night Wednesdays and an attractive regional shopping experience, there is every reason to come to Hereford this year – it will be tremendous fun that people will not want to miss”. 

The County Council, from consultation with the Hereford BID, City Council and Old Market will put on free parking on late night shopping nights during the last 3 Wednesdays before Christmas Day which are Wednesday 8th, 15th, and 22nd December. Free parking is offered after 4pm in all Council ‘Pay & Display’ car parks in the city centre including Maylord Shopping Centre, Old Market Shopping Centre and on-street parking. Friar Street and private car parks are excluded from this offer.

The ‘light switch on’ in Hereford will take place in the City Centre on Sunday 21st November, but for safety reasons there will be no official ceremony or time and they will come on gradually as installers set them up. Steve Kerry, Clerk to the City Council said “our priority is to ensure the public are kept safe and not encourage large gatherings. Councillors have taken the difficult decision to simply switch the lights on given the huge numbers we would normally see for this event. In future years we look forward to returning to a more traditional Christmas switch on – but for now, the public can still enjoy the stunning displays the City Council have invested in”. The Old Market is also following a similar plan with their lights going on the same day.

More detailed information on the Christmas events line-up for Hereford will follow over the coming weeks and can be found on Hereford City Life’s social and web pages (