The Creative Arts Team at The Bishop of Hereford’s Bluecoat School were delighted to share their production of ‘The Wedding Singer – the Musical Comedy’ with three sell-out dates, plus a production for year 6 students from Hampton Dene and St Paul’s primary schools last week.

Directed and choreographed by students and staff since September, it was a joy to perform with the student band in the orchestra pit after the pandemic restrictions.

The school staff are incredibly proud of how the students coped with all of the elements of the production, they handled all the backstage, make-up and technical requirements themselves, built sets and made props and costumes as well as putting in funny, charismatic and charming performances.

Teachers would like to thank them for the hours of rehearsals, and the audiences for being so receptive to their efforts.

Mr Henton, the Headteacher added “I am really proud of everyone who has been part of this production. The commitment and enthusiasm from both students and staff in organising, rehearsing and performing the production has been phenomenal”.

“With creative art subjects constantly under pressure nationally through funding and curriculum time, at Bishop’s we want our students to be confident in vital skills demanded by employers, such as collaboration, creativity, self-expression and control when they leave us, there are no doubts from the quality of this performance that we are achieving that”.