The following information is from Stronger Hereford:

Maylord Shopping Centre is a strategically significant site, with a footprint
of 145,000 sq ft in the heart of Hereford’s city centre. Herefordshire Council
secured control of the site through a £4.0 million acquisition in June 2020 to
enable its redevelopment to support the regeneration and the diversification of the city centre as a whole. The project will provide a master location for the relocated library which will evolve into a resource centre, creation of a new community re-use café and it will host expanded performance space for Powerhouse and a new Digital Culture Hub.

This initiative will provide:
• Re-purposed mixed use development at the heart of the city centre, regenerating the city by diversifying reasons to visit and encouraging visitors to spend time and money in Hereford (hosting the Powerhouse and Digital Culture Hub).
• A Learning Resource Centre that includes a new public/higher education library. Located in a prominent city centre location will provide the whole community with a wide range of services to support the development of their skills, advice and support in seeking new career or personal development opportunities. We are also exploring opportunities for alignment of activity with the other related projects such as Skills
Foundry and the Digital Culture Hub.
• A community re-use café that would generate an income to support the Learning Resource Centre and other social value activities. The not-for-profit community enterprise would provide facilities for visitors and students. This could, for example, provide opportunities for young people (such as through the Kickstart scheme) and/or those with learning difficulties to gain work experience working in the café.

It will deliver the following Towns Fund Intervention Framework outcomes:

  1. New, upgraded or protected community centres, sports or athletics facilities, museums, arts venues, theatres, libraries, film facilities, prominent landmarks or historical buildings, parks or gardens
  2. Delivery of quality residential or commercial space in key locations (town centres, gateway areas, employment sites)
  3. Delivery of new public spaces

You can see the full Town Investment Plan for Hereford by visiting – S20098D-Hereford-TIP-Document-NEW-FINAL-1.pdf (