The report published following a recent Ofsted monitoring inspection at Broadlands Primary School in Hereford has praised the progress being made, especially while facing the unique challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The monitoring report, which followed an on-site inspection on 25 May, states that leaders and those responsible for governance are taking ‘effective action’ in order for the school to be classed as ‘good’ at their next full inspection.

Highlights in the report include the fact that inspectors noted the school is rightly proud of the efforts to improve and that the Maths curriculum was described as a great success and inspectors identified that pupils enjoyed learning.

In relation to phonics and reading, it was obvious to Ofsted this was being prioritised by the school and that the consistent approach taken to teaching supports pupils’ learning well.

The inspectors also recognised the ‘brand-new’ foundation curriculum on offer at Broadlands, where the plans follow the ‘head-hands-heart’ approach the school has developed. It was noted that the school’s curriculumis clear about the important knowledge that pupils will learn.

In relation to staff welfare, Ofsted could see that the well-being of staff is a priority for the school’s leaders and Governors and, in return, this means this means that staff are supportive of their leaders. 

Inspectors could clearly see that the focus throughout the pandemic has been to ensure that pupils continued to have access to the best education possible, and alsoto ensure that teachers were given the support needed to offer it to every single child.

Speaking about the Ofsted report, Simon Robertson, Executive Headteacher at Broadlands, said:

“Everyone here can be proud of the improvements that have been made and it was satisfying to see the inspectors acknowledge that. I’m really pleased Ofsted recognises the continued improvements in reading, phonics and mathematics, as these had previously been identified as areas for improvement. It is very rewarding to read they are now recognised as areas of strength.

“I am confident these sustained improvements put ourschool in a fantastic position to be graded as good at itsnext full inspection and when you consider the unprecedented challenges faced in the past 18 months, the way our staff and pupils have reacted to them and adapted has been nothing short of amazing. 

“I am also hugely grateful for the support and co-operation we have received from our parents, so to read in the report that ‘parents are overwhelmingly positive about all aspects of the school’s work’ is incredibly rewarding. 

“Our staff should be so proud to read that comment and that our parents also stated that they value the work that they, and the school’s leaders, are doing to support their children.

“I can reassure all our parents that the hard work will continue here at Broadlands and that we will continue to strive to offer the best possible start in life we can to our children. We have come a long way already and I have absolutely no doubt that the positive progress will continue long into the future.”