Hereford Community Land Trust has applied for funds to purchase a block of property in the Aubrey Street–Berrington Street area of Hereford, according to The Hereford Issue.

The project would create new retail space and workshops for artists and craftspeople, combined with ‘permanently affordable’ housing.

Work is now being carried out to identify potential interest in the project. You can take part in the survey by visiting:

Community land trusts are democratic and not-for-profit enterprises, that allow communities to collectively own local land. Any money made is reinvested in community projects and occupiers of trust property are encouraged to become members.

The principal objective of the Hereford CLT would be to develop and own or manage ‘permanently affordable’ housing, and possibly workspaces and community facilities, that will enable the needs and sometimes the aspirations of the local community to be met

It aims to build low-cost, high-quality homes for sale or rent to local people in the Hereford area. These could include homes which are either:

  • let at social, affordable or intermediate rents (all slightly different), or
  • sold at affordable cost, to ‘self-finish’ occupiers at a lowered price, or
  • designed and built by self-builders, or ‘self-finishers’, or
  • sold at market prices to provide funds for building the above.

You can find out more by visiting – Hereford Community Land Trust | Building homes we can all afford (