Since sharing the awfully sad news that 13-year-old Frank’s cancer was terminal, an incredible £6,000+ has been raised to help Frank achieve his bucket list. What’s more incredible is that the fundraising page was only set up yesterday evening!

The devastating news that Frank’s cancer was terminal was shared in a post on the TEAM FRANK Facebook page yesterday evening:

“We learned last week Frank’s cancer has returned in his lungs. The tumours are multiple, complicated and inoperable. Therefore the sickening conversation we’ve always dreaded has (repeatedly) been had: his condition is terminal.

It’s difficult to grasp as he is well and experiencing no symptoms. In fact he’s 100% but of course this will change.

As a family having considered all palliative options he’s opted for the least invasive chemotherapy from here: oral & taken at home which means no hospital time, no surgeries and minimal/no side effects. He’s taken ownership and values quality over quantity with his remaining time. This is a decision which Stan, Ed & I wholeheartedly understand, respect and support. We are very proud of him.

It goes without saying we have inadequate vocabulary to articulate the helpless devastation & terror we feel but we appreciate how lucky we are to have this period with him being so well and intend to make full use of it. We’re compiling a bucket list including hot tubs, chocolate fountains, quad bike riding, whale watching, and firing a gun (?!) so watch this space and we’ll shout if we need any help.

We appreciate your support and ongoing love and kindness. Hold us up ❤️

Since this message was shared, local residents from across Herefordshire and the wider area have rallied together to raise over £6,000 and to offer Frank various activities to take part in and breaks away. Obviously due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organising anything is tough, but the community and Frank’s family are determined to help him achieve his dream.

You can also help Frank achieve his dreams by donating to this wonderful cause. Visit – Crowdfunding to achieve Frank’s bucket list and more! on JustGiving