Opening a restaurant during a pandemic. Many would say it’s crazy, but perhaps it isn’t. If we’ve been taught anything in the past 24 hours it’s that people will always support something if it has local people at the heart of it.

Korean Barbecue will be located at Old Market Hereford, an area that itself faced criticism when it opened, with many saying that it would take businesses from the city centre and that the city centre would die. To some extent, that was proved true, however, with the pandemic hitting hard, British Land have been forced to some extent to change tactic.

Over recent months we’ve spoken to The Beefy Boys ahead of their expansion and now Korean Barbecue and both of them couldn’t speak highly enough about the team at Old Market Hereford and British Land. Both said that British Land were extremely helpful and have really supported them.

Fortunately the community of Hereford appear to be as supportive. The Beefy Boys will be as busy as ever when it is allowed customers back in the restaurant and we’re sure that Korean Barbecue will be a success judging on the near 1,000 comments it’s received on our Facebook page in less than 12 hours!

Maybe, just maybe, the Old Market will be a much more vibrant place now it has a creative mix of multi-national outlets such as Wagamama and Nandos, alongside independents like Korean Barbecue and The Beefy Boys.

We simply can’t wait until reopening day!