Always fancied a picnic next to the River Wye in Hereford, but struggle to find a good spot with a decent bench? That could be set to change, if Stronger Hereford get funding to bring projects to Hereford.

The plans to make more use of the River Wye in Hereford are exciting and can certainly help increase Hereford’s pull as a place that tourists love to visit.

The Stronger Hereford website says:

Enhancement of the river and its surrounding infrastructure. This will include wide promenade style pathway that will enhance accessibility for
walking and cycling.

Lighting and power points alongside Bishop’s Meadow and King George’s
playing fields for community events, pop up cafés and markets. The project will involve a ramp leading onto the Great Western Way to connect the south and northside pathways for cyclists and the disabled.

Pontoon at the Left Bank Village and Sea Cadets facility to increase
utility and access, will provide a crane based at the Rowing Club/Sea Cadets for disabled access to vessels and boat removal from the river.

Digital signage will be provided, giving directions and information about events, local amenities and other community based offerings. Installation of seating along the north and south stretches of the river will encourage
family engagement. This project will provide infrastructure that will support camping, tourism and “staycation”.

Transformation of key tourist attraction, building on the heritage offer. Enhancing a key site in Hereford and the beauty of the most visually accessible section of the river. Increase local business opportunities. More footfall into Hereford. Contributes towards levelling up i.e. improves opportunities for disadvantaged and quality of life for residents. Towpath improvements creating better access and connectivity. Pontoon enables river cruiser access. Better connections between north side and south
side of the river. Mobilisation of outstanding riverside “staycation” camping and caravanning offer.

This project will support the Towns Fund Urban Regeneration Intervention agenda and will lead to:

  1. Enhanced townscape that is more attractive and more accessible to residents, businesses and visitors
  2. Improved affordability, convenience, reliability and sustainability of travel options to and from places of work
  3. Enhanced high street and town centre experience that prioritises the health, safety and mobility of pedestrians

You can view the plans in more detail at – S20098D-Hereford-TIP-Document-NEW-FINAL-1.pdf (