The Courtyard team are delighted to have received nominations in two different categories for their pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk in the UK Pantomime Association’s Great British Pantomime Awards. 

The categories for which Jack and the Beanstalk has been nominated for awards are: Best Script (Lyndsay Maples) and Best Pantomime. 

Writer Lyndsay Maples, who also received a Pantomime Award nomination for Best Script for Cinderella in 2020, said â€śJack and the Beanstalk was a very special show because, of course, there was no panto last year in 2020/21, and we didn’t know if our audiences would be brave enough to attend. But the people of Herefordshire did us proud, coming back in their noisy droves to show their support.”

The Courtyard prides itself on producing, writing and directing its professional annual pantomimes in-house. Many members of the cast return to The Courtyard year after year and the seasoned writer and director have been working together on these productions for over 10 years.

“We are absolutely delighted with this news.” Says Jack and the Beanstalk Director, Estelle van Warmelo, â€śEvery year an extraordinary amount of hard work goes into the Courtyard panto and every year the whole team displays remarkable ability, creativity and strength but never was this more the case than with Jack and the Beanstalk… countless obstacles arose throughout the production period and if it hadn’t been for this wonderful company pulling together it simply wouldn’t have happened at all! We are very lucky to have been working with a squad of superheroes who made it work against all odds and did so with such good grace. They brought enormous levels of joy to all of us this Christmas and I hope this news goes a good way towards recognising their achievements.”

The Great British Pantomime Awards are the industry recognised awards for celebrating the best of this British theatrical institution.

Judges are selected from a range of backgrounds for their knowledge and passion for pantomime. During the judging process, judges watch and mark the show based on a wide-ranging criteria covering all elements of the pantomime, for which they write a detailed commentary.

The Courtyard’s pantomime for 2022/23 will be the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast. After Beauty finds herself imprisoned by a mysterious beast in an enchanted castle, there is little hope that the heroine will ever be reunited with her devoted father. But unbeknown to her, the beast is secretly a handsome prince under an evil curse. Only by changing his selfish ways and finding true love can he ever hope to break the spell.

Packed with colourful characters, impressive costumes, musical numbers and plenty of panto humour, Beauty and the Beast is the traditional family pantomime that will leave audiences spellbound. 

Tickets for Beauty and the Beast are on sale now and can be booked via Box Office in person, by calling 01432 340555 or online at