Planning a walk in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside this afternoon?

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust have some important information to share about our native slitherers ????

“Seen a snake? Grass snakes are commonly sighted at this time of year, often in gardens, and also on our nature reserves. This is the largest snake found in Herefordshire, growing up to 85 cm long. It is olive green with a yellow and black collar. It is very beautiful and NOT venomous.

“Adders do also occur in the county but numbers are very low and they are usually found on heathland or in woodland. They are venomous but usually hide if disturbed and rarely bite.

“If you’ve seen something small and grey or brown, this is most likely a slow worm [pictured] – not really a snake at all but a legless lizard. Harmless and a great predator of garden pests!”

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