NEWS | Hereford now the 22nd most progressive city in the UK after jumping 14 places

Hereford has jumped 14 places on the ‘Most Progressive Cities in the UK’ list, above both Gloucester and Worcester and just behind Chester.

With the nation working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are re-evaluating their options when it comes to location, location, location.

How progressive a city or town is can be really important to house hunters, as they look to make their move to a destination that may be better suited to their values and beliefs.

The mortgage experts at Bankrate UK assessed how progressive each UK city is, using key data points relating to social and environmental issues.  

The ‘progressiveness’ of a city is defined not only by its recognition of the issues, but how the city addresses them and enables positive change.

Whether it’s a green-minded commitment to recycling, a strong voter turnout, or ensuring gender diversity in local government, these cities have not just realised their duty to encourage a socially-aware community, but they are enabling its continued progress.

Bankrate UK scored 50 cities in the following 7 categories in order to determine which is truly the UK’s Most Progressive City:

  • Search trends
  • Voter turnout
  • Vegan / vegetarian restaurants
  • Recycling rates
  • Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) registrations
  • Gender pay gap
  • Women in local government

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