The High Sheriff of Herefordshire, Jo Hilditch, shines a light on a cross section of personalities from the county – from celebrities to volunteers, from entrepreneurs to frontline workers – with her new podcast series ‘Bench Talk’. 

As well as learning what makes them tick and hearing about their work in the community, she also discovers their favourite, and their least favourite, aspects of Herefordshire life.

One of the interviews is a candid conversation with Kate Bingham, the so-called ‘Vaccine Czar’. Kate voluntarily chaired the Vaccine Task Force from May – December 2020, which was responsible for procuring 357 million doses of 7 vaccines across 4 different types now being rolled out over the last 4 months, and has put us in the top tier of world vaccine progress. She hails from the Herefordshire Welsh borders, she’s married to Hereford MP Jesse Norman, and has strong affiliations with the county. This is an enlightening chat with a remarkable woman originally from the Herefordshire Welsh Borders, really not to be missed.

Pick up some tips on the best that Herefordshire has to offer! A candid, fast-paced podcast promising pertinent questioning and personal revelations.

Check it out here – and if you enjoy the podcast then please leave a review as Jo is trying to get it as widely listened to as possible.