We’ve become aware of a national campaign to show appreciation to our NHS workers by sending Union Jack lanterns into the night skies.

Whilst not officially banned in our local authority, they are banned in many other areas of the UK for the danger posed to both wildlife and property.

Roy Wilsher, Chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council has said that ‘NFCC does not advocate the use of sky lanterns and we do not believe they should be used under any circumstances.

ā€˜All emergency services are currently under unprecedented pressure due to COVID-19, and I am concerned this type of activity could not only put additional pressure on the fire service, but further strain on the NHS.

ā€˜If a sky lantern causes a fire, it could see firefighters spending valuable time dealing with what could be a complex and large-scale incident. Time which could be spent supporting vulnerable people in the community, as part of the fire services response to COVID-19.ā€™

Please don’t support this campaign, engineered by manufacturers of the lanterns.

Let’s continue to show support to all our Key Workers with donations to our local NHS Trust, discounts on essentials, and a huge round of applause every Thursday.

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Guidance on sky lanterns from Herefordshire Council ???? www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200145/business/133/environment_and_pollution/5