The following article is a press release from Extinction Rebellion Marches:

Avara, It’s your ‘Amazon’ delivery!

Soya linked to fires and deforestation in Brazil is feeding our chicken!

Extinction Rebellion Marches delivered a gift of charred trees and message to Avara Foods calling on them, and parent company Cargill, to clean up its soya supply chain. We are shocked to discover that animal feed supplied to industrial poultry farms in Herefordshire is one of the root causes of Brazilian deforestation. This has to stop.

Cargill imports soya from Brazilian Cerrado farms which destroy the forest by clearing and burning trees in order to plant soya. Cargill then ships the soya bean to Liverpool and brings it by truck to its Avara feed mills here in Herefordshire.

Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Nando’s and McDonalds all source chicken from Avara. “It is incredible that at the same time as our children are being taught about the loss of the rainforest, as parents we are unwittingly feeding them the very chicken whose feed has caused the destruction. And on top of this that the company supplying both the feed and chicken is a Herefordshire based company” said local mum and XR campaigner Wendy Ogden.

So Avara, don’t make us unwittingly complicit in your unethical and unsustainable supply chain which not only contributes to deforestation but climate breakdown, the annihilation of a wealth of unique ecosystems and fuels crimes against the human rights of defenceless traditional communities.

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Or read the full investigation here:

Photo Credit: Extinction Rebellion Marches