The wonderful volunteers of ‘Hereford Community Clean Up Group’ and ‘Hereford Community Adopted Area Group’ have been extremely busy cleaning the streets of Hereford and have been collating a monthly tally of rubbish collected throughout the year.

The 2020 tally totals a whopping 1,173 bags. That’s alongside numerous miscellaneous items such as road signs, tyres, trolleys, cones, bikes, car parts etc. Can you all imagine what this rubbish would look like if they emptied out all of these bags?

The majority of it could be recycled if people disposed of it responsibly. So this New Year they would like everyone to think about the environment and the wildlife that can be harmed by litter and encourage everyone to reduce using plastic, dispose of litter responsibly and if there isn’t a bin around, please take it home to recycle.