Press Release from Bill Wiggin regarding Ledbury Railway Station:

On 4 April the Department of Transport published the disappointing news that Ledbury Station has not qualified under this round of the Access for All scheme.

I have spoken to the Department for Transport, who have told me that 300 nominations were considered for 73 places and that unfortunately Ledbury did not score highly enough on this occasion.

Selection criteria included the level of local disability, footfall, usage, and value for money of the proposed works. More information and the full list of stations set to benefit from additional funding can be accessed here:

Whilst the next round of Access for All nominations will not take place until 2024, there is a much more positive note.

Today the Department announced that £20 million will be allocated to re-launch the Mid-Tier Access for All programme. This aims to provide smaller scale accessibility improvements to stations which can be delivered using £250,000 to £1 million of Government funding.

The Department for Transport will be seeking Mid-Tier nominations in due course and I very much hope that Ledbury station will be considered.

I have been campaigning for this and will never give up until we have access for all people at Ledbury Station.

Following PMQs, I have been in further meetings and will keep you informed of any developments.