Beth and her boyfriend will be taking part in the Leeds Marathon next month to help support people living with Motor Neurone Disease in Herefordshire. 

Beth’s Story from Just Giving:

“We have all watched the deterioration of Rob Burrows, Doddie Weir and friends on the TV. 

“The documentaries, charitable efforts by Sir Kev and interviews have evoked empathy and public attention across the UK. 

“This has been ground breaking for MND and the money raised is getting us ever closer to finding a cure.

“But, there are about 20 people living with MND in Herefordshire at any one time. 

“People in the same postcode as you may have this horrific condition, and they don’t have celebrity wage packets, some don’t even have families. 

“So I’ve decided to do this Marathon not only to raise money for the MNDA, but to remind everyone that what you are seeing on your screens is happening to people just around the corner from you. 

“St Michael’s Hospice supports everyone who is diagnosed with MND in Herefordshire, offering them medical, physical and emotional support, aswell as supporting families through this and beyond.

“They deserve all the support we can give them.”

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