Karla Davies & Aimee Howard who run Beautifique in Ledbury are currently in limbo due to the current government legislation.

They currently run a well established beauty salon in Ledbury. With 20 years experience as therapists they have always had their clients health and well being as their top priority.

Karla told Your Herefordshire :”We actually made the decision to close the salon two days before the government made their announcement to put the country on lock down. We are extremely concerned about Covid-19 and keeping our clients safe as well as others during this pandemic.

We have spent the last 3 months planning a safe return to the salon, researching and purchasing overpriced PPE which was sold out for many weeks. We have now got everything we need for a safe reopening which we were lead to believe would be 4th July. There was not enough clarity during the lockdown process that hair and beauty were going to be treated differently, especially as we have ONE National Hair & Beauty Federation”.

Aimee commented “There is a negative stereotype around the Beauty therapy industry, from the first day of training clients safety regarding hygiene and cross-infection is of upmost importance.

We have been extremely proactive during these last 12 weeks and feel the government have completely underestimated us.

We have struggled with the stresses and financial impact of closing our business. We now face anxiety because we would not return on 4th July with no explanation or date”.

We feel we have been very badly treated as an industry with very little respect of our profession.”