Here’s Ava’s story, as detailed by her Mum Becky:

“I’m Ava’s mum. For nine amazing years I have been her mum. Nearly a year ago we found out she had a hole in her heart. After lots of waiting and eventually paying to see a cardiologist in Birmingham, we now know that her hole is far too big to be closed with keyhole surgery. She will have to have open heart surgery. 

“The wait for this is over a year. Ava misses a lot of school due to the exhaustion caused by her condition. Some days we struggle to even get her up and out of bed. 

“She has to rest in the afternoon because she’s so exhausted from the day. 

“This cannot wait. Her education is suffering and she really does need and deserves a good quality of life now. 

“It’s taken 3+ years to get this diagnosis and a lot of fighting on our part because we knew something was wrong and that her health was deteriorating.

“Please give whatever you can to help fix my little ivf miracle.”

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