Survey for veterans will help shape future services

Herefordshire Council has launched a survey for Armed Forces veterans and would like hear about all experiences of veterans – positive and negative – since leaving the Armed Forces and joining civilian life.

Around 14,000 Armed Forces veterans live in Herefordshire. By responding to the survey, veterans can help to shape the future support and services available in the county.

The council is looking to hear from any Armed Forces veteran who has previously served one day or more in the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force (including Reservists and National Service personnel). Responses to the survey made on behalf of a veteran by a friend, family member or colleague are also welcome.

Councillor Barry Durkin, Chair of the Herefordshire Armed Forces Covenant Partnership, said:

“Through the Herefordshire Armed Forces Covenant Partnership, Herefordshire Council works with the Armed Forces and military charities, as well as public, private and voluntary sector organisations, to improve the level of support for Armed Forces veterans in the county. Support can come in the form of removing barriers to access health and wellbeing services, training and employment opportunities, and ensuring our veterans in the community are treated with dignity, given the sacrifices they have made protecting our nation.

“We want friends and family members to make sure the veterans in their lives hear about and complete the survey, as their responses will have a direct impact on the support they receive, and will help to help shape the future veteran services delivered in the county.”

The Armed Forces veteran survey closes on 7 October 2019 and can be completed online at