Team Hereford (a city wide partnership of organisations and businesses) has today put out a warning that at least 70 elderly individuals from around the county have been taken in by a scam by people pretending to be police officers asking them to withdraw thousands of pounds in cash. There are many more cases coming in as this post goes out.

How it works

• Older person (usually 75+ and female) receives a call from a “police officer” stating there is an issue with their bank accounts/bank cards

• They are asked to withdraw large amounts of money/bureau de change from their accounts to protect it

• Victims are sometimes asked to take a taxi into the banks and the line is sometimes kept open by the fraudster so that they can hear what is happening

• Victims are told to lie to the bank and say it is for home renovations or holidays etc.

• An “officer” is sent to the victims address or meet them outside to collect the money and also any other bank cards and pin numbers.