A Hereford mum has set up a blog to detail her journey with incurable cancer in the hope of supporting others in a similar situation.

Rosie, aged 34 from Hereford has just been diagnosed with cancer for the second time, but this time she has been told that it is incurable. 

Rosie’s story:

“My name is Rosie, Powell 34 from Hereford and I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer for the second time, however this time it is incurable. 

“Over the last 3 weeks with the amazing help of the team down at MRU I’ve been having scans and tests to identify the cause.

“At 26 I had ovarian cancer and was one of the lucky ones as I only needed surgery.

Sadly, the cancer has now returned in my lungs and liver currently.

“I’m awaiting results to know roughly what stage, how fast it’s spreading and what treatment if any is available to prolong my life a little bit longer. However, this time the cancer isn’t curable.

“I’m a single parent to the most wonderful 5 year old called Harriet. She’s only just turned five and all she knows is that mummy is bit poorly and I have a bad shoulder/chest. 

“She wont truely understand. I’m trying to maintain a normal life, school runs etc for her until my body says otherwise. 

“I’ve set up a personal blog to raise awareness and to help others going through the same.

The link is below…… 


“I have worked in cancer services for many years and caring for people in the community.  One job close to my heart was a cancer support worker for Macmillan and I used to support cancer people sign posting etc holistic needs.

“At 34, I shouldn’t really be making a bucket list but here we are.

“My beautiful friends have set me up a GoFundMe page so I am able to make memories for my daugther before I pass and some financial support as the diagnosis came when I was changing jobs and left me unemployed. 

“It will also provide financial support for my daugther when I’m gone which the pain of thinking that this will happen is unbearable.”

The link is