A couple of years ago, we shared a photo on Facebook that we expected to get a few comments in all honesty.

In the end, it ended up with huge engagement and people sharing their memories of a former Hereford food outlet.

Deep Pan Pizza was located at the end of Commercial Street (since occupied by Subway and The British Heart Foundation) and was extremely popular with local residents over a number of years.

Here are a selection of your memories of the place:

Keith Watkins: “Managed 21 slices and waddled back to work very very full.”

Kate Laszlo: “Omg we used to love that place, every time we went to Hereford shopping we always had lunch here. No one else’s pizzas have come close.”

Vikki M Simpson: “They used to do a fantastic chilli con carne pizza, it was so good.”

Matt Greene: “12 inch deep pan, meat feast, 6 bottles of lager and a whole pot of crushed chilli’s.”

Unfortunately, due to ever increasing competition from national pizza chains, Deep Pan Pizza closed its doors in Hereford in 2004.

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