Kevin – Dachshund – 2 years old

From Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue:

Little Kevin joined us as a stray just over a week ago, incredibly scared and defensive. He continues on his road to confidence but boy are we proud of his journey so far. 

Underweight and covered in thick flea dirt, poor Kevin wasn’t in the best condition but fast forward 1 week and he’s starting to build solid friendships with his human carers, he even tolerated a bath, a real turning point for him.

Kevin is going to require an owner who is experienced with dachshunds, he will need an ADULT ONLY and PET FREE home. 

He is not comfortable around other dogs at this stage – not even calm females.

We feel that Kevin hasn’t experienced much in his life, a lack of socialisation is perhaps the reason he takes time to bond and trust humans.

We are searching for a calm environment with a patient and understanding owner who can allow little Kevin to make friends in his own time without pressure. 

Our hearts absolutely melt when we see Kevin running around doing his zoomies and asking to be picked up for a cuddle.

Please give us a call on 01568 760033 if you feel you can offer Kevin a caring and loving home. 

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