When Sarah’s brother Mark tragically passed away in Southampton in July 2019, she was put in touch with The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC) through her job with Ambulance service. With their help she was able to bring him home to Herefordshire, and his family, for the goodbye he deserved. Now she’s fundraising to help TASC to help others in her position.

Mark was just 48 years old when he passed away in July 2019. During his time in Southampton he suffered both from his alcoholism and at the hands of an abusive partner. In the months leading up to his death police attended Mark’s address 25 times following concerns over domestic abuse, but he brought no charges against his partner, who also suffered with an alcohol problem.

On the evening of 7th July 2019 Mark fell in the street on his way home, and sustained a serious head injury. Due to the dangers of the area, and concern for the safety of the emergency crew, he was not attended immediately and passed away in hospital less than a week later.

The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC), are devoted to supporting the ambulance community with their mental, physical and financial wellbeing during times of need; and were able to offer Sarah, an employee of the Welsh Ambulance Service, emotional support during the traumatic time. The charity also offered Sarah financial assistance to bring Mark home to Herefordshire for the service his family felt he deserved.

She is taking part in a wing walk to raise money for the charity on 20th March, and hopes to raise £1,000 to help the charity help others in need.

She is also being invited to tell Mark’s story to trainee paramedics, to raise awareness of the issues raised around Mark’s death.

If you would like to sponsor Sarah you can do so here