On the 12th October, husband and wife Phil and Kelly Hall from Leominster are embarking on a 130km walk over one month around their local area to raise money for 2008 Double Paralympic Gold Medalist Simon Richardson MBE, who is just recovering after a serious road accident back in 2011, when he he was hit by a drunk driver whilst out training for the London Games.  This accident left Simon with multiple injuries and has recently only just started training on the zwift to gain his confidence and fitness back before he can get out on the road again and start racing.

Phil and Kelly offered their help and support to Simon after hearing about his story and as Phil is an ex Paralympian himself, knows how hard it is to get funding, so the couple came up with the idea of walking the same distance as it to walk up Mount Everest.

Kelly said, ‚Äúwe have set up a crowdfunding page for Simon, so we can try and buy him a new bike and the equipment he needs, so if anyone can help please click on the link and support Simon‚Äôs recovery.‚ÄĚ