A Quiet Place was one of the most hyped and talked about movies of the last 5 years. The film deserved all the credit and attention it got, a unique and exhilarating 90-minute thrill ride with strong performances by the always brilliant Emily Blunt and her real-life husband and director/co-writer John Kransinski. 

For Part II, Kransinski has solo writer credit and returns to the director’s chair. This is pivotal as Kransinski (in his debut feature behind the lens no less) was the MVP of the first film, staging nerve-shredding tension and directing the film beautifully. Similar to the first, Part II does have a few plot holes which might frustrate some viewers but when a film is this exciting and jaw-dropping, it’s not hard to let these minor quibbles aside and just sit back and be blown away by what you’re seeing. 

After a breath-taking opening sequence which details the first day of the monster invasion, the film takes place right where the first left off. We continue to see the Abbott family live in these treacherous conditions, as they fight for survival whilst also trying to recover from the events of the previous film. 

Emily Blunt is once again terrific (when is she not?) but in my eyes the two leads of the film are oldest child and deaf daughter Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and new to the franchise Emmett, played by Cillian Murphy (the legendary Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders). Murphy is terrific, a truly welcomed addition to the team and his characters progression is really interesting to watch unfold. I loved how they transitioned between how we hear the film and how Regan does, with multiple occasions of pure silence as you see everything from her perspective. Simmonds, who lost her hearing before her first birthday, is excellent and has stepped up massively from the first film and provides much of the heart and soul of the movie. 

I’m a huge John Kransinski fan. After shooting to fame as one of my all-time favourite TV characters Jim Halpert in the US Office, he blew me away with his work on the first A Quiet Place and he’s done it again with Part II. Gorgeously shot by Polly Morgan, Krasinski infuses the film with beautifully judged moments of tenderness, tension and brutal action. His script isn’t as tight as the first, separating the group around half-way through does slow things down, but he still created many incredible moments and some nicely done foreshadowing too. 

The biggest takeaway from the movie is the pulsating action sequences. The film is classed as a horror and there are a couple of great jump scares here, but Part II is at its best when the monsters are out in the open and on the attack. There are a handful of sequences which will leave you stunned, particularly the opening scene which is one for the ages. This was a thrilling experience which I cannot recommend enough seeing on the big screen. This is what going to the cinema is all about! 

Verdict: Not as fresh or surprising as the first but a worthy sequel which ups the ante and delivers a monster movie with huge action, good scares and strong performances. 

Best Moment: The opening title sequence 

Rating: 8.5/10

A Quiet Place Part II is out now and tickets are available at https://www.odeon.co.uk/cinemas/hereford/