Storm Hairdressing Ltd relocates to continue providing service to the people of Bodenham and the wider area.

Dawn purchased her first premises and business in Marden when aged just 19. She then bought a second hairdressing business in the neighbouring village of Bodenham the following year.

Dawn loved her job as a stylist and when children came along, she took the decision to step back and had a trusted manageress that looked after the business and she continued to work part time in the salon.

Eight years ago Dawn took the decision to combine the businesses and although the premises in Bodenham was very small they continued to have on average 100 clients a week, with waiting lists, so it was always obvious that if they had more space they could provide a service for more. Dawn however couldn’t commit the time due to working 4 out of 5 days at their coach business Jones Coaches Ltd.

When they were closed down due to Coronavirus, Dawn feared that was the end for her wonderful small business. She was concerned staff would have to be made redundant and a facility that has been in the village for the last 26 years closed for good.

To many in the village, the salon is a social place and not just a place to have their hair done.

Despite the stress, Dawn phoned clients during lockdown as some were vulnerable and she knew they would like a chat.

Fortunately Gareth Lloyd of Moto Media got in touch as he had a large unit that he leased and due to personal circumstances he wasn’t using all of it and one phone call later Dawn was in the unit and knew it would be perfect! The business really could carry on, all staff could stay, all clients could be socially distant and the business could grow!

Dawn would like to thank her brother Sean of SM Stanley Builders Ltd and the electricians and plumbers working weekends. They now have the most amazing Hairdressing and Barbers Salon that can continue to grow.

Dawn said: “Every penny and more of the government grant received due to coronavirus that all businesses have received has gone into making this a safe, spacious salon. The government has worked for us enabling us to keep all staff and keep the business going so for that we are truly thankful. Bodenham is a lovely village that has so many amenities, I am very proud to be one of them.”