A self trained artist has turned his hand to making stunning life like sculptures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Powys factory worker Craig Millington usually relaxes by painting wildlife and horror images but decided to make clay busts as a way of ‘switching off’ during the pandemic. Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein and other horror sculptures followed and now Craig has built up quite a collection.

Craig has had no formal training as an artist but believes his skills were developed at an early age when he used to ‘doodle drawings’ in the classroom. ‘Instead of looking out of the window I just picked up a pen and paper and would start to draw’ said Craig.

In a refreshing change from the modern world Craig doesn’t seek publicity. ‘I enjoy painting and making artwork, that is my fun way of switching off and if people like what I do then that is a bonus’.

Craig started to take painting seriously about six years ago and has so far finished 60 horror and wildlife paintings. Having spent some time free hand illustrating leather jackets Craig decided to put his paints to canvas’ ‘I paint what I like, depending on my mood but I’m never happy with what I’ve created’ he says.

Craig also likes horror films which have inspired him to paint, draw and sculpt some of the genres well known figures ‘The inspiration for me is sitting down with paints or clay, switching on my rock music and then I relax, escape life’s problems, and do exactly what I want to do’.