The Fold has been built on the Pritchard family farm, land previously used for sheep grazing, childish adventures and walks with the dogs. The family have many happy memories of playing in the brooks and rolling down the hill.

During lockdown, the 18 acres of land became local builder Matthew Pritchard’s solace and he began rediscovering the hidden nooks and dingles dotted along the streams that crisscross the site, and appreciating just how lucky he was to have this beautiful site. Feeling inspired, he came up with the plan to create – The Fold. 

Building on over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Matthew and his skilled team of local craftspeople have built four secluded and unique cabins which provide comfort and space for a luxurious getaway – while also being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Driven by their ecological footprint, each cabin has been made using a range of sustainable materials from base to structure, to blend in seamlessly with their natural surroundings. 

Matthew was delighted when Channel 4’s George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces decided to feature The Scandi Cabin from foundation to formation. Having the team on site and meeting Will Hardie is an experience Matthew will never forget. 

“Despite the whole experience of speaking on camera being totally out of my comfort zone, having the opportunity to be able to create something I’m so incredibly proud of with the help of the most fantastic craftspeople Herefordshire has to offer has been an experience I’ll never forget.

“Now everybody can see all the hard work that goes into building somewhere like the Scandi Cabin and those that know me will understand why I haven’t seen them for the last 18 months.” – Matthew Pritchard

You can follow the family’s journey on Instagram @thefold_hereford and find out more information on their website The Fold