Leominster based agri-food PR and marketing agency, Pinstone, has been busy fundraising during lockdown, contributing a total of £850, which has been shared between Leominster Food Bank and NHS Charities Together.

The award-winning agency has been donating £10 for every new subscriber who signs up to their fortnightly podcast – the Agri Food Comms-Cast (AFCC), aimed at marketing and communications professionals working in the agricultural supply chain.

The podcast is authored and produced in-house by the Pinstone team and has been created to support the industry they serve in relaying some of the ‘stories behind the stories’ that farming organisations, retailers and processors have faced during the pandemic.

Pinstone managing director and host of the AFCC, Catherine Linch explains; “As a business, we’ve been incredibly fortunate in the face of Covid-19. Our team of twenty have all been able to continue working from home throughout – for this we are incredibly thankful. We know that many people have not been so lucky.

“Raising money through the podcast subscriptions is our way of showing support for key workers and local families that have been adversely affected by the pandemic.” 

The AFCC series launched on Friday 30 April and three further episodes have been since gone out. Every two weeks, Pinstone invites special guests to give a behind the scenes account of how they are tackling the big stories hitting the national news agenda.

Catherine adds that Pinstone is planning to continue producing the podcast as key industry issues continue to evolve.

“Our audience is obviously quite niche. However, the overwhelming positive response we’ve received shows that there’s a real appetite for what the AFCC is delivering.”

The podcast is available via AppleSpotify and all other major podcast platforms.