It’s a difficult time for nightclubs, with many having being closed for over 15 months now and looking increasingly unlikely to reopen when Prime Minister Boris Johnson issues his update on COVID-19 restrictions on Monday.

Despite 21st June being anticipated as ‘freedom day’, a recent rise in COVID-19 cases, mainly as a result of the Delta variant, has led government advisers and scientists to push the Prime Minister to delay the full reopening. No decision has yet been made, but the Prime Minister is believed to be favouring the reopening of weddings, with few restrictions, over the full reopening of nightclubs.

So what can nightclubs do? Well, many have had to adapt and whilst it won’t be a huge money-maker, with limited numbers and extra staff needed to offer table service, what it does do is remind the public that these places exist and that they will be around for when the time comes and people are allowed to properly party and dance again! Boy, can’t we wait for that day to come!

The Venue is a popular nightclub in Hereford and was regularly at full capacity prior to COVID and the decision for it to reopen as a sit down bar/club has been welcomed by many. You and your friends will get a table and The Venue has COVID-19 safety measures in place to limit the risk of the virus spreading.

What’s even better is that Your Herefordshire readers can get free entry and a free drink on a Friday night, if they show a Your Herefordshire post that mentions The Venue to the manager Judd on arrival. Treat yourself on us!

Planning to head to The Venue this Friday or Saturday evening? Various bars across Hereford have some fantastic deals, including The Commercial, The Wellington, or perhaps pop into Saxtys to try out their stunning new menu. (The cocktail menu is superb, but we didn’t tell you that….!)

All in all, a night at The Venue is certainly different to what it was like pre-COVID, but you can certainly have a fabulous time with your friends and with the tunes playing and the drinks flowing, we can assure you that you’ll have a fabulous time!