First Discount Market Sale homes occupiers arrive at Kingstone Grange, Herefordshire!

In 2022 Lagan Homes developed a Partnership with Herefordshire Council creating an exciting opportunity at Kingstone Grange. This has allowed those who had a local connection to Hereford amongst other qualifying criteria, the much-needed product to purchase a home through an affordable option. And now, the first Discount Market Sale (DMS) home has now completed. 

Zac and Amy had previously been renting in Hereford, but when they discovered the homes that were available at Kingstone Grange for a stunning discount, they jumped at the opportunity:

“We are first-time buyers and have been on the lookout for a house for quite some time. In the current market, we were unsure whether we could afford to buy, but when we read about the Discounted Market Sale homes available at 20% off the full market price, we thought it was a no brainer!”

The couple chose the beautiful Bushmills home. A spacious 2-bedroom, semi-detached house on the edge of the development with a wonderful open plan kitchen/dining room space with French doors that lead onto the garden.

Zac continues: “The home itself is perfect for us as first-time buyers. There’s room to grow if we need it, but for now we’re just enjoying life as homeowners!”

As renters, the couple were eager to get onto the property ladder, but needed an affordable solution, something that Lagan Homes and Herefordshire Council are determined to offer to the eligible local community. 

Annette Thompson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Lagan Homes comments: “the Discounted Market Sale Scheme has filled agap in the market and has proven to be very popular. The scheme is providing a route into owning a home, for both first-time buyers and home movers at a 20% discounted rate.”

Annette summarises: “We are delighted to welcome Zac and Amy to the Kingstone Grange community as the first occupiers of our DMS homes here.”

The show home and marketing suite at Kingstone Grange are open Thursday to Monday, 10am to 5pm.

To book a viewing, please call 07385 930740, or email

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Find the development at Sat Nav Postcode: HR2 9HN