Aldi donates £2,000 worth on items to a 12-year-olds ‘Present Bank’.

12-year old Isaac from Redditch, Worcestershire, who set up food banks to help his local community during the pandemic, is launching a fifth site thanks to the help of Aldi. The location will open as a ‘Present Bank’, offering gifts to those families that may otherwise go without this Christmas.

Opening on 13th December, the present bank will be stocked with £2,000 worth of kids’ Christmas gifts from Aldi’s Specialbuy aisle.

Earlier this year, Isaac made headlines as one of the sheds where his food bank is located was targeted by burglars. Stealing over £50 worth of food, Isaac was left with bare shelves and nothing for his local community that he has been helping since lockdown – until the supermarket stepped in to help, donating over £500 worth of groceries.

Aldi has taken its support of Isaac one step further with the new present bank, which will see its range of wooden toys, family games and cosy winter clothing handed out by Isaac and his mother Claire. Local residents have referred to Isaac as ‘Santa’s little helper’.

Isaac, who has a rare chromosome disorder and lives with mum Claire, 43, and brothers Toby, 10, and Jacob, 22, said: “I’m so happy with the donations from Aldi – my shed is so well stocked with gifts for anyone who needs them, just in time for Christmas!”.

Claire added: “Christmas can be a stressful time and Isaac wanted to help as many people as possible have a celebration without worrying about what is under the tree.

“He is absolutely ecstatic about the donation and seeing his shelves full with toys and gifts for families he’s dedicated his weekends and spare time to helping is the best Christmas present he could have asked for.”

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: “We’re thrilled that we were able to help out Isaac and his local community again. His story really struck a chord with us – Isaac continues to do amazing, vital work and helping to ease the mind of families by ensuring there are presents under the tree is certainly an important Christmas gift.”

Isaac started his food bank with £40 worth of Aldi groceries three years ago in November 2020 during the pandemic to help those that needed it most.