An update from the team behind the song launch:

A few weeks ago, like everyone else across the nation, we watched as the news unfolded and our world was completely changed right in front of our eyes. Like many others, I wanted to help in any way possible and felt helpless as we saw the number of deaths across Europe rise and that soon our country would be faced with this enemy of the world – Covid-19. 

Being a song writer, I thought maybe a song of hope may help lift spirits and possibly raise some funds for the NHS workers and their families. One day a few weeks ago this melody and lyrics arrived from I don’t know where, then some chords. Like with all compositions, it’s good to get another composers ear to listen and then develop the song – I knew just the person, a good musical friend of mine who is also a producer & song writer Darren Alboni. Darren immediately wanted to get involved when I explained what I was aiming to achieve – it was thanks to Darren that the track was then sent onto Dan Armstrong – another producer. From thereDarren and I composed the song and Dan, whose wife is a Nurse, developed the production. 

It was always the idea to somehow have children sing the song, as we knew that the message behind the song would best be presented by the innocence of children and something fun for them to get involved with during lockdown. We needed a lead singer though and wanted it to be someone who was already spreading positivity, Darren came across a story about a young girl called Jessica McDonald, an 11 year old singer who had already caught the attention of the media, he was amazed at what she had already achieved by singing in her street, just in case you are not familiar with Jessica already, take a look at these following links and you will be amazed!

Darren sent the story to me and I listened to her sing and we both knew she was perfect to sing the lead vocal of our song. From there I contacted families asking if their children would like to take part in a charity single and video to help raise funds for the NHS, the response was extremely positive. We wanted Jessica to be accompanied by other children across the UK to sing the choruses with her so we could put all the footage together that they sent to me for a music video to accompany the song. 

The whole aim of this project was to raise money for the NHS workers and their families, specifically the part of NHS charity that provides mental health support to NHS workers and their families – Every Mind Matters –

We will be releasing the song and video on the 12thMay which is International Nurse’s Day. Weather permitting Jessica will be performing the song live during that day from her house in Liverpool. 

Information on where to download the track and the video will be  uploaded to YouTube – we’re hoping you can help spread the song far and wide so that all NHS staff and their families get to hear the song and hopefully we can raise a good amount to support mental health within the NHS.