Could trams help reduce congestion in Hereford and provide an affordable and reliable service?

When you think of trams, you normally think of Sheffield, Manchester or possibly Birmingham. However, could the former Great Western Railway (Also known as the lines) in Hereford be the main route for a potential tram line in Hereford? The idea has been raised before by opposition councillors and groups such as Hereford Voice and is likely to be raised again as a potential alternative to the proposed Western Bypass of Hereford.

The idea of trams is certainly a positive move from a green point of view and you’d imagine that funding would be available, given that the government is pushing for greener ways of travel in cities across the UK.

What are your thoughts? Would you use a tram service in Hereford is it was affordable? Would you ditch the car to use the tram?

Or do you feel that the idea is far from realistic?

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