Press Release . Herefordshire Community and Reuse Group

Nearly 3 years ago I (Andrew Wood) set up this group to recycle stuff that we would normally throw away and raise money for local charities. Today this has grown to be so much more including clothing, linen, toys & books, furniture including beds, sofas, chairs, fridge, cooker, microwaves all donated free to help create new homes for struggling families. This cannot happen without the phenomenal goodwill and support of my network of volunteers and businesses.

The current pandemic reinforces how many vulnerable people we have across Herefordshire. However, collecting and moving furniture, has become a real nightmare!

One of our local business partners is the Helping Hand Company. During our time working together – sponsoring a primary school as part of our Schools recycling project, making ‘Brummie bull’ as part of our Education programme and more, it is clear they share a strong business ethos and commitment to support those in need across Herefordshire. Their latest recycling project has left me truly speechless as this week I now have keys to my very own 100% recycled van!

Gavin James, Managing Director – “It is a great pleasure to see and support a local initiative that does so much for the environment while supporting those in need. Andrew it is a treat to be associated with you.”

You can’t miss me now – make sure to give me a toot – more news coming soon

Pictured: Lindsay Richmond Kearns (Communities and Partnerships Manager at Helping Hand)

Councillor Paul Rone

Gavin James (Managing Director Helping Hand)

Lara Bryant (VP Sales and Marketing Helping Hand)