From Hereford Community Clean Up Group:

At the beginning of February this year, 17 year old Greg Dunsford (who is part of Hereford Community Clean Up Group) decided to have a target of collecting 100 bags of litter from around Hereford City. With a little help from his parents and sheer determination he has today finally reached his goal, collecting a whopping 101 bags of litter. Greg has been an inspiration to us all, out in all weathers (including the recent very cold snap) he has collected the litter that others have carelessly left behind.

Many people may have wondered why the purple bags are dotted around town. Well, they are the signs that Greg and other volunteers from Hereford Community Clean Up Group have been hard at work keeping the City and surrounding areas tidy.

Greg’s job was made a bit easier in the middle of February when he borrowed a group trolley to help move the cumbersome bags around. He was then spotted by a member of the public who put a video of him hard at work on social media. It created huge support for him which came in many forms including a free delivery of sweets from ‘ Sweet Treats’ and meals from. ‘Princes’ meals on wheels’, kind words and offers of support for him and the group.

Hereford Community Clean Up Group ( HCCUG) has experienced a great deal of thanks from the public and we have always encouraged passing motorists to toot their horn in support. We are purely volunteers and so get very little funding, support in any form keeps us going. We have recently set up a justgiving page, for more information on how to volunteer with litterpicking or get involved with our group please visit our Facebook page.

Greg is an inspiration to all, our hero, a credit to his parents Louise and Adrian Dunsford and Hereford Community Clean Up Group.