Hereford City Rotary Club helps out!

‘We have been working with our friends at B&M in Hereford and The Co-op in Leominster, Kington and Ledbury to collect squash, biscuits, sweets and chocolates for patients at Hereford Hospitals.’ said Luke Conod from the Hereford Rotary Club.

If you find yourself in one of the stores please drop a little something into the collection points to support the patients at Hereford County Hospital.

The response has been fantastic and thanks to all the customers who donated in the last few weeks of collections thanks to everyone that put a little something into the boxes and trolleys.

Currently patients in certain wards are not allowed visitors and the hospital cannot deal with people going to the hospital to drop donations off (due to the obvious protocols in place and the safety issues)

This is a safe way of helping – when doing your essential shop in B&M or the Co-op please look out for the signs at the collection points and pop in an extra bottle of squash, packet of biscuits or some sweets or chocolate if you can.

We will then ensure that the donations get to the hospital and these will help the patients to have a few home comforts during a time when they aren’t allowed visitors.

We will be collecting right over the festive period so please put a little extra something in the trolley and drop it off at the collection points in the stores.