In life, we all have dreams. Jack Albie from Hereford has spent lockdown keeping spirits up with daily videos wishing the people of Hereford well. It’s time for the community to come together to help one of Jack’s dreams come true.

Jack is autistic and has epilepsy but that hasn’t stopped him recording daily videos to keep Herefordian spirits up over the past few months.

As an Everton fan, Jack has two dreams. One is to see his beloved Everton win the league and the other is to have a life-size Tardis. Lets be honest, the life sized Tardis is probably a more realistic option to aim for!

You can help Jack’s dream come true by donating at

From the Fundraising page:

Jack is a Ray of sunshine in a current gloomy world. From the begining of March he has raised much awareness and brought daily smiles to the people of Herefordshire’s faces with his safety messages and positive words to keep us all well and positive.

We want to give him something back and show the world what a fantastic community we have here in Hereford. Jack is a huge Dr Who fan with a passion for the Tardis.

We want to fund raise £6000 so that he is able to have a life sized model in his garden to show him how grateful we are for the joy he spreads to many people. Jack is diagnosed with autism and routine is incredibly important  to him.

COVID 19 has seen him in lock down and he has had to massively adjust to a new way of living. Despite these challenges he has selflessly supported others everyday bringing a smile to so many others.

He is amazing and courageous, a true inspiration to mankind. PLEASE HELP US HELP him to achieve this goal. If everyone local and afar just put in a £1 we could make his dream come true.