From Just Giving:

Darling Darcey is an 8 year old gorgeous little girl who is affectionate and full of love. She was born in 2012 in Hereford. Although there were complications at birth there was no indication of Darcey’s genetic condition.

In the first few months it was noted that Darcey was failing to thrive. She wasnt putting on weight and her development milestones weren’t being hit. After a series of investigations Darcey was diagnosed with a rare microdeletion genetic condition, 2q33 microdeletion syndrome.

The way it impacts on Darceys life has changed over the years but now it has become ever more apparent that Darcey has severe learning difficulties especially surrounding her speech and language. She can say 10 clear words, the same as a toddler. Although the NHS have been great I am fundraising for Just4Children in order to provide Darcey with private specialist SALT provision as well as intense physiotherapy to help Darcey live a more fulfilled life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my beautiful darling Darcey’s story.

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