Milo – Springer spaniel – 1 year old 

Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue are looking for a home for lovely Milo.

In a post on social media, Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue said:

“We are looking for a very specific home for Milo, he may be gorgeous but he most definitely needs more than sitting at home all day with a morning and evening walk. 

“This boy simply NEVER stops, the only time he will rest is if it is enforced (happily crate trained), he will then nap for a short period and be ready to go again. 

“We know there is a perfect home out there for him that will be able to give him what he needs, we just want to make sure that his next stop is his forever family. 

“Milo knows all his basic commands, walking on lead has improved hugely but his recall needs more work, as with many dogs Milo can become distracted with something more exciting (mainly squirrels!) and suddenly goes deaf.

“Any children in the home would need to be 8 years + as he is such high energy, a home with other dogs can be considered. 

“This young man is highly intelligent, he has spent some time in sniffer training for drugs/substances but was unfortunately fired during his probation period as he was so easily distracted outside.  

“Please only apply if you can meet the following criteria:

Recent proven experience of owning and training spaniels.

Rural location with plenty of space.

Incredibly active lifestyle 

Patience of a saint

“Please contact us on 01568 760033 if you would like to be considered for adopting Milo our gorgeous boy, we will only be taking enquiries at this stage so please bear with us.”