George, aged 11-years-old from Hereford, is walking 15 miles from Norton Canon to St Michael’s Hospice, to help raise money for the hospice that treated his Grandma so well.

Here is George’s story in his own words:

“I’m George aged 11 and I plan to walk 15 miles in my Granny’s memory.

“Last year my Granny became really unwell, and then sadly died it broke my heart.

“Before this, she was in hospital for weeks and I wasn’t able to go and see her. That was really hard as I loved to go and spend time with her and Grandad.

“Granny became too poorly to go home and luckily they found her a room at St Michaels hospice. 

“This meant I could go and see her whenever I wanted, it was really hard to do this at first as Granny was in bed and very poorly, but I was able to talk to a counsellors about what was happening.  

“All of the staff were really supportive and kind to me, my sister and my cousins. On one of my visits I was given a bear, I gave this to Granny to cuddle. SO, When I need one of her hugs I have that so I can still feel close to her.

“They gave my Granny the best care they could, and one day while I was sat in the car with Mum I decided to take on this challenge.

“Walking 15miles from Norton Canon to St Michaels hospice, carrying my painted memory stone to place in their stream.

“To raise money in her memory to say thankyou and to help them look after all of the other Granny and Grandads that need their help.”

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